RES-Renewable-Energy-Systems GmbH is a research and development company that deals exclusively with combustion-free energy generation to provide electricity, heat, cooling and energy for mobility. A central product for this is the ECDS energy management system developed and patented by RES. This enables a central coordination of the entire value chain – from energy generation using Solar PV, wind, hydro and CHP plants, as well as energy storage-, distribution- and billing, using one system.

RES plans and implements energy autonomous structures with up to 100% self-sufficiency including electricity, heat, cooling and energy for mobility implemented in houses, housing estates and industry but also including villages and entire regions. Another core element of RES is the development of a high-temperature-storage system – a missing link within the current energy sector that can store from 5 MWh to 100 MWh. The energy stored, ideally derived from excess energy produced from renewables can be re-converted as required – and availed in the form of electricity, heat, cooling and energy for mobility.