Your own energy – your own freedom.

When it comes to energy, holistic thinking is required. This applies regardless of the respective perspective or objectives. Whether it revolves around mobility, heating or power generation: only those who think holistically in energy matters and approach energy issues strategically, derive the biggest advantages.

The time for a new way of thinking is today. Owning a PV system or a private CHP-unit, every private house has the chance to own its own oil well plus refinery. Sustainable energy generation and storage in private households can fulfil all your wishes for heat, electricity and mobility – a trend that increases comfort and status, while in the long run relieving your wallet.

This is where the PEC comes in. For us from the Pongauer Energie Center, gridlock means regression. For our Mother Earth, the global climate and for the good of mankind we require action now! The necessary technology is mature and economical. Today we create the future!